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Frequently Asked Questions

All kayaking equipment is provided - Please Click for a larger image.

What kit and equipment does Sea Kayak Plockton provide?

We can provide you with all the kayaking equipment and clothing you will need, however, if you have your own, you are very welcome to use yours. For a comprehensive list of what we provide and what you need to bring with you, please see the attached list.

For overnight camping trips, please bring all your own camping gear. A list is attached with what you will need. We will provide dry bags for all your gear.

Do you hire or rent out sea kayaks?

Rental of sea kayaking equipment and clothing is included in the price when you book onto one of the following courses or trips: Learn to Sea Kayak, Sea Kayak Improver, Sea Kayak Skye, Family Sea Kayak. If you would like to rent or hire sea kayak equipment separately, do get in touch and we can suggest other companies that may be able to help you.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please see the attached checklist.

What clothing should I wear under my long john wetsuit?

Think of kayak clothing just like the clothing you would wear to go walking - a layered system works well. A long-sleeved synthetic base layer is best under the wetsuit. It's often cooler when out on the sea so a thin fleece on top of that is important too. Underneath your base layer you can wear underwear (make sure it's synthetic) or your swimwear. We provide you with your waterproof cagoule that goes over the top.

Paddling near Plockton - Click for a larger image.

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses?

Yes, you can wear either. We recommend attaching prescription glasses or expensive sunglasses with a band or string as they don't float! Contact lenses work well on the sea. As the sea is salty they don't pop out if your eyes get wet.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer to go kayaking?

No, you don't even need to be able to swim, as you will be wearing a buoyancy aid, which will ensure you float. It is beneficial however, to be confident in water.

Do I have to do a capsize drill?

We will ensure you have a thorough safety briefing before you go out onto the water during which you will be familiarised with what to do in the event of a capsize. Accidental capsizes do happen; however we aim to get you as stable as possible in your kayak and teach the appropriate skills to help with boat control.

To get the most out of your session we would recommend you try a capsize as it really builds confidence and will help progress your kayaking. We will ensure it's done in the conditions to suit you and the level you're at e.g. For a beginner - shallow water very close to shore with your instructor standing next to you to assist, etc. But, if you don't want to capsize, you don't have to.

Coral beach near Plockton - Click for a larger image.

Do I need lots of upper body strength to be able to kayak?

With any physical activity it always helps to be in good shape. However, efficient kayaking benefits most from good technique and not necessarily lots of upper body strength. Sea Kayak Plockton aims to give you high quality instruction to ensure you work towards good technique and therefore efficient paddling.

What happens if the weather's too bad to be able to go out onto the water?

Even though the north-west highlands of Scotland have a reputation for windy weather, we are lucky that being based out of Plockton we have access to one of the most sheltered locations on the west coast of Scotland, so there is always somewhere we can go. In the extremely rare situation of not being able to go out, we would endeavour to rearrange your course, or offer you a refund.

What is your booking and cancellation policy?

Please see our terms and conditions.

What age do children have to be to join on a Sea Kayak Plockton course?

Sea Kayak Plockton would be delighted to take children aged 13 years and over kayaking, as long as a parent or guardian accompanies them. The age limit ensures that we have the right sized equipment and clothing. However, we can take slightly younger children too and create a day that's tailor made just for your family. We are sorry that we cannot take out unaccompanied children, however, we can recommend other kayak schools that may be able to help you.

Younger paddlers under the age of 15 can be assessed for their PaddlePower Start award and receive a certificate at the end of their introductory session.

What about accommodation?

Help with accommodation suggestions can be found on the location page. Home to a thriving Highland community and popular with visitors, Plockton is well served by hotels, B&Bs, a small general store, pubs, restaurant and galleries. Not far away there are campsites and a good range of other amenities.

What about people on their own?

All courses are suitable for people on their own, as a couple or as a group. For courses booked on a group basis we bring individual people together with other people who are at a similar level and looking for a similar kayaking experience.

Kayaking on the west coast of Scotland  - Click for a larger image.

Kayaking on the west coast of Scotland.